The Best Nursing Blogs to Follow

best_nursing_blog_2017With an ever-changing healthcare industry, it’s important to keep up with the latest, especially for nurses, who are considered the backbone of the system. Communication is everything in this demanding career. That is why nursing blogs are a valuable resource and healing and caring for others, just one component related to such an incredible profession. Nurses observe a lot about the human condition, and their personal viewpoints can educate, advise and offer solutions to the common experiences many nurses share.

We’ve done the homework, carefully reading through hundreds of excellent nursing-related blogs online and selected the cream of the crop for our Top Nursing Blogs for 2017. The blogs we chose are written by nurses and nursing students. We believe our selection will provide the answers most are seeking, whether it pertains to career information, new changes in the industry, high-tech advances or innovative products. Learning from those in the trenches is the best way to get a grasp of a nurse’s day to day reality as a caregiver. Inspiration, hope, humor, guidance, it’s all in there.


The Nursing Site Blog

Kathy is passionate about nursing, which shows clearly through her high-quality blog. She tends to focus on issues relating to nurses and does an excellent job of keeping readers updated on issues in the field and changing trends.

Head Nurse

Johanne’s blog manages to be captivating with very well written posts, a spark of passion, and an ability to present experiences and stories that make for good reading. This blog highly stands out for its quality and interest.

Digital Doorway

Keith, in addition to being a nurse, runs the successful podcast “The Nurse Keith Show“ focusing on career topics and inspiration for nurses and healthcare professionals. That and his other activities make his blog stand out as original and fresh. An adventurous spirit and interest in understanding things mean Keith’s posts stand out.

madness: tales of an emergency room nurse

Much like the work she does, Madness, is gripping, intense and rarely boring. You get the inside scoop on working in emergency care, with humor and wit tempered by an underlying warmth. This blog is hard to forget – in the best sense.

The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse is Brittney Wilson, an RN with a BSN and also a published award-winning author. Her book The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology is a fantastic IT resource for members of the nursing community.

Codeblog: tales of a nurse

Gina’s blog is well known in the nursing blogosphere. She does a great job of mixing information with friendliness and clear writing. This blog quickly captures your attention – and your heart – and keeps you coming back for more.


The RTConnections Blog will connect and inspire current and future nurses with pertinent topics that range from nurse bullying to professional development. Renee is an award-winning speaker, and her posts are absorbing and truly insightful. A blog you’ll want to bookmark.

Adrienne RN

The central premise to this blog is to “trying to pin nursing down on paper”: Adrienne does a great job with providing a valuable personal view on a range of nursing topics, especially on passing the NCLEX.

Not Nurse Ratched

Not Ratched’s central premise is that it is not by Nurse Ratched, whose blog is well known. Yet we suspect there may be a “Not not nurse ratched blog” sometime. By a former medical writer, this blog is very good.

My Strong Medicine

My Strong Medicine is the blog of Sean Dent, an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner who coaches, is a Snapchat for nursing evangelist and a weightlifter. Sean also runs a series of video on Youtube and his Facebook Page.

New nurse, in the hood

Although not technically an RN, the stories shared on this blog are engaging and draw you in. Short, well composed and thought out, posts manage to balance insight with humor and are light, captivating reading.

Our Top Nursing Blogs for 2017 comprise an excellent online nursing community dedicated to the women and men who work in the healthcare field. These wonderful authors empower those who choose the profession, providing practical advice, mentoring, information, trends and resources. Each superb nursing blog we have selected brings something valuable to the table. Thank you for reading along with us.