Quick Ways To Renew Your CNA License

Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs are nursing professionals that provide basic bedside care to patients in any healthcare facility all over the world. But to practice their professions in any state they wish to work actively in, they need to secure a license. And for CNAs to continuing to work without any hurdles, licenses would have to be renewed before it expires.

Generally, CNA licenses are valid for a year or two upon its release. The validity depends on the state you’ve chosen to work in.

Guidelines For Renewal

It is paramount to have your CNA license active while working in any health care facility across the US. The Nurse Aide Registry would send a notification a week before the expiry. Upon receipt of the notification, CNAs must, therefore, keep the registry informed of the contact information of the current employment, status, and other details.

Besides, here are several guidelines to look through in ensuring that licenses will continue to be in working order.

  • Be aware of the license’s expiry date and know the exact renewal date.
  • Be sure to know the requirements to process your license renewal by contacting the licensing authority in the area or state of employment.
  • Stay away from any trouble like criminal acts and such.
  • Pay the renewal fee, which is usually cheaper than the initial licensing fee.
  • If too busy to renew in person, look for online renewal options. This may depend on what state you’re employed.

Renewal Steps

When the time comes for CNAs to renew their licenses, the state’s Nurse Aide Registry will send a renewal notification to the license holder’s registered address. It is important that the registry is apprised of the license holder’s whereabouts at the times, especially when it involves a change of addresses and status. Renewal notices will reach the recipient within sixty days before the license’s expiry date.

Upon receipt of the notification, CNAs must do the following:

  • Verify and update the current state registration address. This is to avoid permanent lapse of the license.
  • If not able to make it to the office, make sure to see online license renewal options and check if the online payment system is secured. According to trending, almost 50% of license renewals are done online nowadays.
  • If able to make it to the office, inquire about additional continuing education requirements or the required number of paid employment hours before going there. In some states, CNAs are required to practice at least 150-160 hours of clinical practice within 24 months.
  • Failure to meet the required hours will incur a recertification test that is similar to the initial licensure exam. This includes the same theoretical and clinical portions.

When all requirements are fulfilled, the Nurse Aide Registry will immediately process the renewal application that will take more or less two weeks. Patience, of course, will play a big part during the wait.

Being responsible is the key to maintaining an actively working license. As long as every precautionary measure is taken into consideration and the guidelines followed, renewing your CNA license will be easy and quick.

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