Hassle-Free CNA License Verification Process

Certified Nursing Assistants who are looking forward to working legally in any state in America requires a license. A license is essential and almost a sacred part of their profession and therefore should always be maintained with honesty and nobility.

Once an individual has completed a CNA training program from one of the numerous accredited educational institutions in the US, they are required to pass a licensure examination administered by the state’s Department of Health and eventually issued a licensed that is valid for 12 to 24 months.

There are times when CNAs forget when to renew their licenses or they just let it completely lapse, leading to worrying if the license is still valid or not. And because CNAs work in an industry where saving lives is on the top of its priority list, all potential employees are subjected to background checks including checking fingerprints and license status. This is the reason why licenses are subjected to verification processes, which can be done online or personally.

Verification Process

CNA license holders can verify their licenses personally by contacting the state licensing authority. Most states have online verification systems that can be quickly utilized. But, if the state of employment doesn’t have this feature yet, personal verification is needed through phone or visiting their office.

Verification systems or process, whether online or personal, allow people to:

  • Verify the license
  • License’s date of issue and validity
  • Check the status of the CNA certification
  • Obtain a true copy of the certificate and license

There are independent organizations that employers sometimes use to verify CNA licenses. However, one must be very careful about using third party verification companies. Make sure that everything is well-documented and proper processes are done. There should also be paper trails to protect the license holder.

Requirements For Verification

For personal verification, visit the National Nurse Aide Registry’s official website first to for the mailing address and telephone number of the CNA licensing office near you. Make sure that you have the following prepared before taking that trip to the local CNA licensing office to save time:

  • License number
  • Certification number
  • Date of issue
  • Copy of your old license (if applicable)
  • Valid ID/s with photo

In the event that these information or proofs are not available, a social security number and an ID with photo identification may be needed for the license holder’s identity to be verified. Some states will ask for a fee for the process as well.

To be sure, contact the local registry to know what requirements they need for this process since it may vary from state to state. Steps and fees may be varied too. Moving to another state may also require license holders to advice the registry about it, especially with changes in registered mailing address and such for them to process the transfer.

Online verification, the easiest and most used mode for CNA license verification can be the ideal way to go if one has a computer and internet access. It is easy and hassle-free. But if there is no choice, visiting the local registry may be the last resort.

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