CNA to LPN Programs in Alabama

According to recent data published by the BLS, the state of Alabama will se a rise in demand for Licensed Practical Nurses in the region of 24% for every year until 2020. To take advantage of this demand, prospective nursing students can apply to a LPN license via exam or endorsement. Job placements are almost guaranteed in the state of Alabama in the light of these statistics.

Becoming a LPN in Alabama

From CNA

Professionals that have already a qualification and working as a CNA, can progress to become a LPN in Alabama by completing a board approved program (see below) and passing the NCLEX PN exam.

If you plan to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Alabama, choosing the right education provider is something very important. Board of Nursing approved schools are mostly community colleges, private schools, not for profit establishments and technical centers. In total, there’s more than 20 schools teaching LPN programs that can you access straight from high school or to further your studies and career if you work already as a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant.