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New to nursing?

A career in nursing has a lot of different opportunities. Of all the available healthcare professions, nursing is the most diverse and offers the ability to provide care as a generalist or as a specialist. Nurses practice in a wide

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Levels of Nursing Degrees

Choosing the nursing degree that’s right for you is important. There are several different programs and schools available as well as various levels of nursing you can achieve throughout your career. Today, more than ever before, flexible programs and affordable

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Nursing Specialties

With almost 3,000,000 registered nurses in the United States, nursing is one of the fastest-growing fields in the nation. In fact, the demand for nurses is so high that healthcare providers facing a shortage of employees.   There are many

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Advanced Nursing

Preparation for Specific Nursing Roles Your graduate degree in nursing could lead in several different directions. You could become an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), nurse researcher, nurse educator, clinical nurse leader, administrator, public health nurse or nurse informaticist, or

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On this page, we provide a comprehensive guide about school information for each state. By clicking on a state below, you’ll find state-specific information on becoming a nurse, salary data, credentials, certification tests, as well as nursing compact agreements. We’re

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Licence and Certification

Once you’ve graduated from a nursing program, you must take a licensing exam. Although a registered nurse initially graduates from a diploma, associate or baccalaureate program, all graduate nurses must take the NCLEX-RN national licensing examination. The examination is an

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